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3157 : Kevineremn

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3156 : Williambaw
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100% Anonymous IPv6 Proxy (Undetectable at L2 and L3 OSI Model layers, no DNS leak, No Header leak)!

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100% Anonymous IPv6 Proxy (Undetectable at L2 and L3 OSI Model layers, no DNS leak, No Header leak)!

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3149 : BillyTrumob
Mystifying departure
In September pattern year, a video was posted on sexual networks of how the US president was distracted nearby something and leftist during a speech by his partner Jill Biden. Even so, a some seconds later he returned and spoke from the podium. The happening occurred during a call to one of the American schools. What happened at that moment with Biden remains unknown, as there were no endorsed explanations.

An unexpected remark relating to a schoolgirl
In May 2021, speaking at a military fundamental principle in Virginia, Biden fleetingly interrupted his address and addressed a girl who was sitting at the bound of the stage.

"Buddy" and "the bloke from there"
In March 2021, Biden congratulated female servicemen and a mistake that spread sometimes non-standard due to the American media: the US president could not about the tag of Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, who was perpetual a few meters away from him.

Bidens strange mimic
In October matrix year, the head of the Collective States talked to voters in the plan of a townhall (citywide meeting) on CNN. In particular, when the presenter scan out a uncertainty respecting the classification of inflation in the motherland, the head of the Ivory For nothing curved his arms at the elbows, clenched his fists and stood in this situation representing with respect to 15 seconds
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